The Experience center is a frictionless person to person collaboration environment. Based on awareness and a strong ethical compass it strives to increase the Quality of life (QOL) of its participants by expanding their ability to adapt and self-manage in the face of social, physical, intellectual, economic and emotional challenges.

The Experience Center creates a favorable environment stimulating the growth of people and promoting quality of life throughout all eight life domains.


The project will combine a sumptuous stay with an inspiring offering of trainings, coaching and other services focussing on the eight life domains

  • Education and personal growth
  • Purpose, basic rights and Self-Governance
  • Self-realization and Activity
  • Leisure and social interactions
  • Emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Economic and physical safety
  • Natural living environment
  • Overall experience of life

Working on this in both professional and personal time is not always possible in the context in which we function today, this is why we need a new environment in which we create the opportunities to change and create new patterns that facilitate growth.

We chose to work in a natural environment in the south of France, as being close to nature has proven to have a beneficial effect on wellbeing.

Guests will be welcomed in a 4**** hotel located in a luxurious 9.500m² park, amidst palm trees and hot water springs, surrounded by the mighty Pyrenees.

They will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, and experiences and develop talents. By cross pollinating each other the competences of all participants will increase and therefore also their overall experience of quality of life.

Sustainable Operation

Being a QOLEI organism the exploitation of the experience centre will be done by QOLEI citizens organised in self-managed teams. Citizens will have the opportunity to work on their skill levels in one of those disciplines:

  • The enablers ( logistics, accountancy,… )
  • The hosts ( reception, catering,… )
  • The reboosters ( Yoga, win shun, therapists, artists, lecturers,… )
  • 9.500m² Parc
  • 2.900m² gross floor area of the existing building
  • The QOLEI-network will invest 7M€ in the renovation and purposing of the location


  • Christian Vizcaino
  • Jean-Luc Raynaud

The experience center is located in Ginoles les bains, at the foot of the Pyrenees in one of the most picturesque parts of the Aude department, called “La Haute Vallée” (Fr).

Although Ginoles les bains is a quiet and charming village, it is also close to major cities such as Toulouse and Perpignan and near the border with Spain. Surrounded by cultural attractions such as the Cathar castles of Montségur, Peyrepertuse, Rennes le Château. It is also a very nice sports environment that lends itself perfectly to (mountain) walks, bike rides, winter and water sports.


The site has always been a place of gathering, friendship and encounters. The most recent and current setting was built in the late 1800 and has known his most glorious period in the early 1900. The bathhouse was famous for its hot water springs with recognized beneficial virtues.

  • The Sainte Eulalie or Rosita spring for the urinary tract
  • The Pascale or Prosper spring for the digestive system

At the beginning of the 20th century, the water was recognized as beneficial by l’Académie de Médecine de Paris.

Pim Ampe
QOLEI Citizen