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Sustainable and affordable qualitative housing for humanity

The Quality of life Housing project

The quality of life housing project (QOLiHoP) is a radical new way of dealing with housing. Whether you are a property owner, a resident or an investor the QOLiHoP will forever change the way we look at real-estate in the future.

For residents, instead of losing rent every month or binding yourself to decades of mortgage experience the freedom of QOLiHoP living while still building out your assets. Take matters into your own hands and become an entrepreneur.

For investors, diversify your savings by investing in small pieces of real-estate all over the world. Investments for as low as 150€ are possible. Not only will you diversify into a relatively stable global real-estate market but you will do so without losing liquidity. All investments in the QOLiHoP are represented by unique project cards that you will be able to trade on the open markets in the near future.

For property owners interested in selling your property, discover a free, vibrant and global marketplace to do so. Listing the property is free, exclusivity is only requiered for a short period of time and only if a team starts working on it. The QOLiHoP works with a no cure no pay fee that can even be refunded if you help along the way.

Whoever you are, don’t hesitate and take a dive into the future of housing by participating in the QOLiHoP.

Change Makers

Get ownership through participation
Add purpose to your savings by
investing in a sustainable housing project

I'm Inspired

Are you an entrepreneur willing to take matters in your own hands and acquire ownership through participation?

Do you need a place to stay or study?

Do you want to turn your monthly rent into an investment?

Do you know how to motivate and mobilize your others?

Do you want to own property without the burden of a mortgage?

Get started now by:

Finding the spot you dream about

Gathering your roommates team

Registering as an entrepreneur and starting to build your housing project

Harnessing the power of the crowd and finding backers to your idea

Now you are ready to turn your rent into an investment

I'm inspired 2nd
Become an entrepreneur and start your housing project

I drive change

The world is changing. Are you an investor willing to get involved and help shape the future ?

Do you want to give purpose to your savings?

Do you want to invest in a sustainable housing project?

Do you want to make a safe and transparent investment?

Do you want to help young people start off on the right foot and join them in an exiting journey?

Get started now by:

Registering as an investor and starting to support your housing projects

Turning your sleeping money into a purposeful investment

Now you are like a pebble in the pond and started the ripple of change

I drive change 2nd
Become an investor in sustainable housing projects


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